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Top rating for Tetric EvoCeram

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 5 July 2013

After a clinical evaluation period of five years, the noted US-based dental test institute The Dental Advisor has given Tetric EvoCeram a top product rating of five out of a possible five points. Furthermore, the test institute selected the composite resin for the "Top Long Term Performer Composite 2013" award.

A total of 800 restorations were placed in the study. Six hundred and fifteen restorations were checked at the recall. Ninety-six per cent of these restorations were located in posterior teeth and four per cent in anterior teeth. Sixty-three per cent of the restorations were bonded with the AdheSE bonding agent from Ivoclar Vivadent. The remaining restorations were placed with a variety of different adhesives. In the study, the light-curing universal nano-hybrid composite obtained a clinical rating of 97 per cent after five years. The test institute came to the following conclusion: "Tetric EvoCeram is a composite with excellent handling characteristics. It is packable, not sticky, contours well and is easy to finish and polish with excellent results."

The findings in detail
The study found Tetric EvoCeram to be very resistant to fracture and chipping. Moreover, the esthetics of the restorations was excellent at recall. Of the 615 restorations examined, 572 (93 per cent) received the top rating of five (excellent). Thirty-eight restorations (6.2 per cent) were given a rating of four points (very good) and only five received a poor rating (0.8 per cent).

With regard to marginal integrity and surface finish, almost 95 per cent of the evaluated restorations were rated excellent. Thirty-two of the 615 restorations (5.2 per cent) showed some marginal staining and received a rating of four (very good).

Only eleven (1.8 per cent) restorations exhibited light wear. They were given a rating of three points (good). Ninety-eight per cent of the restorations received a top rating of five (excellent). Over 600 of the examined restorations did not show any visible wear at the recall. The restorations blended in well with the surrounding tooth structure and their surface finish was excellent. In most cases, the restoration surfaces had a glossy and smooth appearance.

Sources: The Dental Advisor, Vol. 29, No. 8, October 2012 / Dental Advisor Vol. 30, No. 01, January-February 2013

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