Bluephase Style in two new colours

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Adds colour to your dental office

Schaan, Liechtenstein – January 15, 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent launches the LED polymerization light Bluephase Style in two new colours.

Bluephase Style is a compact high-performance LED curing light. Due to its ergonomic, well-balanced and lightweight design, hands and arms of practitioners are less strained. To make it even more attractive for men and women, Ivoclar Vivadent now offers the light with two new colour elements: blue and pink.

Flexible handling
Bluephase Style has a light intensity of 1,100mW/ cm2 (±10 %). Given its design, the battery-operated curing light can either be held like a pistol or a pen. The shortened light probe head increases its usability as even the difficult-to-reach molar region can be comfortably light-cured. This means that patients, especially children, are no longer required to open their mouth for an excessively long time. With its large diameter of 10 mm, Bluephase Style can light-cure even extensive cavities, thus rendering multiple curing cycles with MOD restorations superfluous.

Broad light spectrum
Bluephase Style is equipped with the polywave LED, especially developed for use in dentistry. Its characteristic is the broad light spectrum ranging from 385 to 515 nm. This light spectrum enables Bluephase Style to cure all kinds of photoinitiators and materials. The click & cure function (swift change from battery to mains operation) allows the practitioner to continue working even when the battery is flat.

Bluephase® and Polywave® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.