Collaboration with Camlog

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New collaboration – Ivoclar Vivadent and Camlog

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 14 March 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent has entered into a collaboration agreement with Camlog under the Authorized Milling Partner program. This collaboration is an opportunity for dental laboratories to capitalize on the strengths of both companies. Whilst Ivoclar Vivadent is a leading company in esthetic prosthetic solutions, Camlog is a leading supplier of implant systems.

The collaboration between Ivoclar Vivadent and Camlog revolves around the processing and marketing of high-end ceramics and composite materials. The partnership enables Camlog to add the innovative materials of Ivoclar Vivadent to the newly established division for digital prosthetics, Dedicam. “The collaboration with Camlog presents an ideal combination of know-how in implant dentistry and restorative dentistry to provide comprehensive solutions in the digital process chain,” explains Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Integrated range of systems and products
This collaboration will allow Camlog to optimally integrate the all-ceramic materials of Ivoclar Vivadent, such as the patented lithium disilicate glass-ceramic IPS e.max CAD and IPS Empress CAD, into its range of services. In addition, Camlog will be able to take advantage of the high-quality Telio CAD composite material for the manufacture of a wide range of temporary restorations.

Benefits for customers
The new collaboration will bring several advantages to Camlog customers: Via the Dedicam portfolio, they will be able to obtain restorations made of Ivoclar Vivadent materials that fulfil demanding quality standards. Furthermore, Ivoclar Vivadent offers a comprehensive range of veneering and luting materials. These materials are utilized to complete Dedicam manufactured restorations in the laboratory and to insert them in the dental practice. The result is outstanding quality, ensuring long-lasting success and satisfied patients.

About Camlog
Camlog is worldwide one of the leading suppliers of integrated systems and products for implant dentistry and restorative dentistry. Many years of experience in research and development, high quality standards and the know-how of internationally renowned experts in research, manufacturing and marketing have played a major part in the company’s success on the dental market. Camlog’s products lead the way in terms of ease of use and quality and its services are fully customized to meet the needs of its customers and business partners. Dedicam completes the product range in digital prosthetics. The company’s offering extends from implant superstructures through individual abutments to single-tooth and bridge restorations, all manufactured using high-end materials.

About the Authorized Milling Partner program
The Authorized Milling Partner program has been growing successfully since its launch in March 2011. National and international milling centres have joined the collaboration in the  meantime. Ivoclar Vivadent supports the members of the partnership program with guidance on the successful use of its CAD/CAM materials.

IPS e.max®, IPS Empress® and Telio® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.