IPS Empress Direct

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Natural-looking restorations can now be created even more effortlessly

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 28 August 2017

IPS Empress Direct now features optimized handling characteristics that facilitate the contouring of the composite.

Highly esthetic restorations may pose a challenge to even the most experienced dentist. The clinically proven composite IPS Empress Direct offers an intuitive application method with a wide selection of shades. Its handling characteristics have now been further enhanced.

IPS Empress Direct contains especially small filler particles whose surface characteristics facilitate the handling of the material in several ways. The material can be easily and evenly distributed with the Cavifil Injector. It can be effortlessly and precisely contoured to the desired shape due its exceptionally low stickiness. Excellent adaptation to the cavity walls results in clinical reliability.

Esthetic design with method
The new IPS Empress Direct System Kit provides dentists with all the essential materials required to produce esthetically demanding restorations. The System Kit comprises the most popular basic enamel and dentin shades. It also contains the IPS Empress Direct Effect Trans Opal shade for creating special characteristics in anterior teeth in particular. The Trans Opal shade contains special micro-opal fillers that are capable of closely reproducing the subtle play of colour and light typically seen in the natural opalescence of teeth. Furthermore, the kit contains the translucent shade Trans 30, recommended for emphasizing special effects in the incisal edge. With IPS Empress Direct Opaque, the kit offers an opaque material if severe stains need to be covered first. Charts containing indication-related material recommendations complement the offering.

Exceptional flexibility
The composite is based on the A-D shade system. This allows users to work creatively from the first moment without having to learn a new shade system. A selection of 32 shades and five levels of translucency ensure a high level of flexibility in the creation of natural-looking restorations.

IPS Empress® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.