Ivoclar Vivadent at IDS 2013

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Innovation makes all the difference

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 29 January 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent is inspired by a passion for practice-oriented products and market-specific innovations. The company is again demonstrating its innovative strength at this year’s IDS.

Innovative products and systems create new opportunities: They improve the efficiency of the treatment procedures in the dental practice, optimize the workflow in the laboratory and lead to esthetic results.

Direct restoratives
The mouldable composite Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill with the patented Ivocerin photoinitiator allows cavities to be filled quickly in layers of up to 4 mm. For everyone who loves colour, the high-performance LED curing light Bluephase Style with its compact and lightweight design is the right choice: Two new colour versions offer blue and pink design details that add an extra touch of individuality to the practice. Furthermore, visitors to the dental show will be able to experience first-hand the practical advantages of the new OptraSculpt Pad contouring instrument. Given its special foam pad attachments, OptraSculpt Pad allows the efficient, non-stick forming and shaping of composite restorations. Finally, the proven portfolio of Fluor Protector varnishes has been enhanced by a new fluoride varnish: Fluoride Protector S. This varnish features a mild taste and is available in a new delivery form.

Fixed prosthetics
In fixed prosthetics, the success story of IPS e.max is set to continue. Trade fair visitors may look forward to innovations with a focus on CAD/CAM technologies. IPS e.max restorations are ideally placed with the clinically proven Multilink Automix adhesive luting composite. This resin cement for all indirect restoration cases has been optimized to suit the requirements of users and is now available in an additional white shade and try-in pastes. In addition, the IPS e.max system has been enhanced by an addition for implant-supported restorations, combined with the introduction of a matching luting composite. A gold-coloured biocompatible universal alloy for veneering applications involving special ceramic and composite materials will also be showcased.

Removable prosthetics
Esthetics, individuality and flexibility present the guiding principle incorporated into our offering of products for removable prosthetics. A protagonist of this range is the IvoBase system, which allows the accurate and fully automated fabrication of biocompatible denture bases. Visitors interested in this field will be impressed by the Phonares II denture teeth. Additional lower anterior moulds have been added to this esthetic tooth line, which is now available in twenty true-to-nature shades. The comprehensive portfolio is complemented by SR Nexco – a lab composite that facilitates the design of lifelike restorations. In addition, a new cross-product shade system enables users to achieve accurate esthetic imitations of the gingival areas. Whether used for a ceramic or composite restoration, all components of the system are precisely matched to each other. Gingival characterizations can therefore be easily applied to achieve a natural-looking appearance.