Tetric EvoCeram

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An masterful presentation


Schaan, Liechtenstein – February 24, 2011

Tetric EvoCeram, the light-curing, universal nano-hybrid composite from Ivoclar Vivadent, has undergone a comprehensive redesign. Furthermore, Tetric EvoCeram is available in three new shades. The clinically proven composite impresses users with its well-balanced composite technology.

Tetric EvoCeram is a light-curing, universal nano-hybrid composite material for high-end standard restorations in the anterior and posterior regions. Ivoclar Vivadent supplies this composite material in a modern and ergonomic packaging. As a result, the syringes are now even more comfortable to use.

For natural-looking restorations
The range of Tetric EvoCeram shades has been extended to include the shades A2 Dentin, B1 and D2. The composite material is now available in 22 shades. The proven colour coding on the basis of the A–D shade guide has been incorporated also in the new syringes and Cavifils. Due to the different translucencies of the Dentin and Enamel materials, lifelike restorations can be created both in the anterior and posterior region. The highly translucent Incisal shade and the Bleach shades allow for additional possibilities. The shades blend into the surrounding tooth structure in a natural fashion, as the light refraction index of filler, monomer and nano-colour pigments are coordinated with each other.

Long working time, short curing time
The photoinitiator system used in Tetric EvoCeram features a special, patented additive. Due to this additive, clinicians can model Tetric EvoCeram for a long time under the operatory light and yet quickly cure the material with blue light. This advantage may also be called “polymerization on demand”.

A total of 85 million restorations placed
So far, a total of 85 million restorations have been placed with Tetric EvoCeram worldwide. Together with numerous studies published to date, this is testimony to the proven clinical performance of Tetric EvoCeram.