IvoBase System

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A systematic process for the fabrication of high-quality denture bases

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 1 May 2012

Ivoclar Vivadent is presenting a new denture base system called IvoBase. This new system enables dental technicians to create tissue-friendly dentures using a high-precision, fully automated working procedure.  

The IvoBase system is designed for the fabrication of partial and complete dentures in conventional and implant prosthetics. It can also be used for relinings and occlusal splints. The material is processed in a tidy straightforward procedure. The need for water bath polymerization has been eliminated, which means no more water vapour in the laboratory.

Leading-edge design
Injection moulding technology and especially designed PMMA resins form the cornerstones of the IvoBase system. These components have been designed in a complementary fashion and are fully coordinated with each other. Injection moulding and polymerization are performed by the injector in an automated process. The chemical shrinkage of the material is fully compensated during the polymerization process due to the patented thermal management of the flask and the heating system. This allows the fabrication of high-precision denture bases offering unparalleled accuracy of fit.

Maximized benefits
The IvoBase denture base materials consist of PMMA-based auto-cured polymers, which combine the advantages of heat- and auto-cured resins. IvoBase is available in two pre-dosed versions: IvoBase Hybrid and IvoBase High Impact. IvoBase Hybrid is suitable for universal application in removable prosthetics. IvoBase High Impact is especially designed for high load-bearing dentures, for instance in implant-supported prosthetics. The RMR function (Residual Monomer Reduction) reduces the amount of residual monomer to below one per cent, providing IvoBase denture bases with a combination of high gloss and exceptional comfort to wear.

IvoBase® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.